Emergency Ostomy Supplies


“Stomawise” in association with “Hand in Hand for Syria” desperately need all your Surplus Ostomy Supplies.

As an Ostomate living in the UK we enjoy virtually unlimited supplies and most of us have a stock of pouches even though they are free of charge and you can easily get more, one or two spare boxes makes you feel safe. Now imagine you have no home, your partner or children have been either been killed or wounded and either you or they have an ostomy with nothing more than rags to put over the stoma and no sign of any supplies.

We desperately need any spare/surplus supplies you have for example, pouches you don’t use as you have changed brand, sample boxes you have sent for and not touched, supplies left over as you have had a reversal, skin barrier sprays and wipes as with adhesive remover sprays and wipes, stoma pastes, rings, elastic tapes etc – please ensure they have not been opened for health reasons.

Pouches can be either 1 or 2 piece (with 2 piece please ensure you send both parts the pouch and the back plate).

You can download a packing note to list the products you’re sending and an address label for the box by clicking this Download shipping note

Hand in Hand for Syria
Unit 3350 Safestore
Clyde Street
B12 0NY

You can send your supplies to the address above which is also on the printable label; we do regret you currently have to pay the postage however is only UK postage to send the items however we are currently trying to find a delivery partner who will offer their services to ship the supplies.

Once they reach Hand in Hand we will ensure they get to Syria to help those in need

Thank you in advance to all those that can help us and if any manufactures wish to get involved please contact admin@stomawise.co.uk