My last (official) summer holidays begin….


Yes that is correct – my last official summer holidays have begun. Next year I will have joined the grown-up world of not having the lovely 6 week break in the summer as I will still be on placement nearing the end of my degree!
My 2nd year of my nursing degree has dragged and been very tough. Both academically and personally. The workload steps up – I’ve had to juggle numerous essays during 12.5 hour shifts and clinical exams (plus irrigating after a long shift!). (Nursing is NOT an easy degree option!).
Additionally – I have had a tough year with my health – my Crohn’s relapsed in December 2013 and hasn’t really been 100% again since – I’ve had the odd patch where I have had some respite from it but it still impacts on me more than I realise. All those times I blamed Neville for misbehaving – it was Crohn’s creeping back again. About 3 months ago I began Humira injections alongside Azathioprine tablets. It seemed to be working but then about 3 weeks ago I had a relapse. I awoke to very bad pain on the right side of my tummy and it got worse (typically it had to be a Sunday). My parents decided to take me to A+E as the 111 number had not been effective. At first it was assumed to be Appendicitis so I was admitted to hospital with the plan to have surgery to remove my Appendix. However after a CT scan – a long stricture was found in my ascending colon. The plans drastically changed. Saw a general surgeon who told me I needed emergency surgery to remove that section of the bowel and I would have a temporary illeostomy formed – then he handed me the consent forms. I was stunned. We asked for time to just think this through. My parents were amazing (as usual) and insisted on a second opinion. A colorectal surgeon (who was lovely) appeared and calmed me down and reassured me that surgery is not as urgent as first thought – however it might still be needed – but we had time to wait. It was later confirmed that I had an infection within the stricture so I was put on 2 types of I.V. antibiotics to treat the infection. It took time but 4 days later I was discharged. I saw my consultant 2 weeks later for a follow-up – the pain was still there (but less) and I was still tender on the right hand side. The decision was to increase the Humira dose and to have another appointment in 2 weeks to decide what the next step should be – surgery was still mentioned if Humira failed to do a good enough job. Since then (a week later) the pains have eased and the tenderness is much better. Hoping that surgery won’t be needed. I was shocked – as I had believed (maybe naively) that since having Neville (stoma) I would not need any more surgery – but I guess that is the cruel nature of Crohn’s disease!

Sooo… It has been a chaotic few weeks in my life. How are you all? Hopefully enjoying the British sunshine! Photo included is of me grabbing a few moments in the sun! Anyone been watching the Commonwealth games – amazing that some of the lesser known sports are getting recognised.
I am about to become an Aunt for the 4th time – I’m only 22! Can’t wait though!

Do get in touch with any questions or to just have a chat –
Have a great summer!