The floods and a naughty Neville!

Hello everyone!

I hope this blog finds you all well. Can’t believe it has been 2 months since I have written on here – time has flown. A little update on my life – my village is no longer flooded! I was actually able to drive into the village the other day. It has been flooded since January! It has been a very surreal existence and experience in the village – we had to get the boat in and out. All mail was delivered by boat to the church – which became our social meeting point. It was a real hassle to get anywhere. We will miss it in a strange way too – the village really supported each other.

I have finished my first nursing placement of the second year. It was a long 12 week placement but I really enjoyed it and had settled in and had become part of the team by the end. I got some lovely feedback from the people I was working with too – which is always a lovely bonus. You, well I, never know how I am perceived so to have the opportunity to receive that is great. I am now back at university for a few weeks before the Easter holidays, then soon after that I head off to another placement! Very busy and full on second year! I just want to finish already and be able to actually get stuck into the role.

Neville – oh naughty Neville! I do love him and always will be grateful to him and he is normally a very good boy…but..the last few weeks for no reason he is being active and playing up in the evenings/night. I should have no bag changes until the next irrigation but now have 2 bag changes throughout the night. It is a nuisance and I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a week but now I am getting stressed out! I am irrigating and getting the full amount in but even that doesn’t stop him. Oh well – hopefully in my next blog he will have sorted his life out! But in the great grand scheme of things – I am pretty darn lucky with my health. We all need a moan at times though!

How are you? Have any of you enjoyed some sunny warm weather? Can’t believe this time a week ago I was sunbathing in the garden and actually got a slight tan. The rain is now bucketing it down! Oh the English weather. I am looking forward to going home soon – I have a consultant’s appointment next week to review my medication and to see what my Crohn’s is doing. I came off the steroids but the symptoms were still niggling so I went onto a different steroid alongside Aziathioprine. I am now only on Aziathioprine and the symptoms are a lot better – however still not 100% sorted so it shall be interesting to see what my blood results show. I’ll keep you posted.

Ooh quick question before I go. I am considering starting a support group specifically for young people with Stoma’s either an online version or/and a actual group where we meet in person near to where I live. I think the age group would be between teens – late twenties?? If any people of that age are reading this – would you be interested in either or not really a good idea? Be honest! I just feel that there are limited groups/advice out there that is aimed at this age group. Any way – feedback of what to include/not do etc. would be appreciated!

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x Molly