‘Sometimes good enough – is good enough!’

I hope this blog finds you all well and enjoying 2014 so far. I welcomed in the new year in a pretty uneventful style – just chilling at home with my family – which was actually lovely to be able to do. I struggled to make any new year resolutions that I would actually stick to. But I did come up with one – a new motto ‘sometimes good enough – is good enough!’. I always stress and try to overachieve and be perfect in everything I do – it is good to try your best but I needed to take a step back and realise that I don’t have to get 100% in every assignment or task. I just want to get through this degree with a good pass – after that no one will care whether it was a 1st or 2:1. Also a little perspective on what is actually important is good. I think anyone who has had a health problem realises that superficial things are not important and as long as you have your health and people who love you around – life is not bad! 🙂

Talking of health – my Crohn’s is back. I had a CT scan which showed inflammation of the Ileum so I am back on the ‘drugs’! Steroids and Aziathioprine. Bit disheartened at the start as I had hoped Infliximab would have continued the remission. But I am relieved that my symptoms are under control again. Long term I don’t know what will happen or what medication I will move on to…but we shall see!
Neville is still behaving (most of the time!). There has been the odd day when he has his own agenda and I just have to play along! I had a bad day at work when he decided to be ‘active’ and it turned into a bit of a debacle and I was glad to leave at the end of the day. Hope it won’t happen again as Irrigation is meant to prevent these moments happening – but I suppose the bowel is unpredictable!

Anyhoo – hope you are all well. As always – if you have any questions or just want someone to chat to who is going through a similar experience please email me – babycakes180^@hotmail.co.uk.