Year 2 begins


Wow I am really shocking at writing on here aren’t I?! I’m sorry! How are you?

Well I am now at the start of year 2 of Uni – where did year 1 go?! I still feel just as incapable and lacking in knowledge as I did last year – all I can hope is that by end of year 3 something has sunk in!
It was Neville’s (stoma) birthday on the 12th – he is now 2. I can’t believe it was 2 years ago I was getting to grips with a completely new way of life – I was struggling to adjust and envisage my life with a bag. But I was determined to get my life back and I have. Who would have thought I would be doing a degree in Nursing and living independently. I still have days where I pinch myself in disbelief at what I am doing. Before I could not walk or stand for any length of time as leaking was so horrific. I had no social life. I was shy and unsure. Now I live in a house with course mates who know (and love!) Nev, at Uni managing Nev and irrigation and focusing on a future career. I still feel unsure but I think that will come with time!
On a little less positive note – I think my Crohn’s Disease is returning after nearly a year off medication and nearly 4 years without symptoms. I have tummy aches and mouth ulcers have begun to get painful. Nev is being active every night even with irrigation which is not normal for him. Consultant appointment made for 31st so we shall see… I was hopeful that it would have stayed away after surgery and medication.
Anyway – I have bought a charm bracelet which I will add charms to each year to celebrate Nev’s birthday! 🙂
I hope this blog finds you all in the best health.
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