How rubbish am I?!

Hello everyone!
So sorry that I have been rubbish at writing on here the last few months! My life has basically consisted of work, work and more work with a bit of sleep inbetween! How are you all? Did you enjoy the weekend of sun we had here in the U.K?! I actually managed to get a bit burnt can you believe!
Neville has been good lately – I started my work placement and it consists of long shifts so I had to change the hours I irrigated and it seems to be working out ok. Although I have just had an upset stomach – the first I’ve had with Nev and it was interesting!! I changed to an Ileostomy bag as my skin was sore from the constant changing of my other bags. There was some seepage onto my clothes which was annoying but overall we managed well 🙂 One of the benefits of an upset stomach is that my tummy is flatter than it has been for awhile and probably ever will be 😉
Basically I am ticking along quite nicely at the mo – not much to report. But if any of you have any questions regarding stomas or Crohn’s disease – just get in touch via email – 🙂
Hope all is well