Back to reality…

I am back at University now! I returned on Sunday with the help of my parents as I had far too much luggage! It was sad seeing them go home without me but I couldn’t dwell for too long as I’ve had 2 full days of lectures! I was anxious about sorting Neville out in the morning Irrigation as I had got used to being at home and having the comfort of a nice bathroom with space to sort myself out. Here I have a small ensuite which is also a wet-room so it is cramped but I can make do. I found out on my first day at Uni that the hot water in the taps – to fill up my Irrigation bag – doesn’t come through for ages so I had a mild panic and fetched hot water from the kettle in the kitchen. But then I wondered if I turned on the shower beforehand, whether that would heat the water. Guess what it did! So now – It is fairly fiddly – but I let the shower run for 5 mins before I fill up the bag. I am learning more and more everyday that you have to be inventive and creative when dealing and living with your ostomy! 🙂
What inventive ways have you had to come up with to help deal with your ostomy?
I must dash and start writing my next essay! I hope all who read this are as well as possible and that the New Year is treating you well.