Christmas time!

Hello and Merry Christmas to you all 🙂
I am going home in the next few days for christmas! I cannot wait – I am in need of ‘home time’ and quality family time. We have the whole family – brother, sisters, uncle and nieces & nephew all home. I have work to do but it will be great fitting it around christmas moments in my home environment.
I have pretty much sorted housing out for next year now (touch wood!) and it has an ensuite room for me! I am going to be living with two girls from my course which will be good. We will see the house in January to double check it is alright and suits our needs.
What are you all doing for christmas and the new year? What are your new year resolutions and wishes? I will have to start thinking about mine. This time a year ago – I was still recovering from my operation – I was up and about again but still adjusting to getting my life back. My fitness levels were very poor and I struggled with walking a short distance. I didn’t really believe I would get to University this year – but I have and in such a short space of time I have achieved so much. Sure, the things I have achieved might be small and insignificant to others but to me they mean the world to my self-esteem and confidence levels. I am still learning things about the world and daily life that others accomplished years ago. However I have learnt things about the world and what really matters that a lot of other people don’t understand. I think that people who have troubles with their health are generally more mature and appreciative and empathetic than most. At the end of the day – your health is the most important thing.
I wish you all a fantastic christmas with your loved ones and a very happy new year. I hope 2013 is your best year yet.