Being Selfish


How are you?
The last 6 months have been a big transition for me. I started my first job as a nurse and it has been tough; a steep learning curve! You may wonder about the title of this post – so let me explain.
I am very good at putting a ‘brave face’ on and I don’t like making a fuss or standing out. I began my work with no one knowing about Crohn’s or Neville (stoma) because I didn’t need to tell anyone as I didn’t think it would affect my job.
4 months in and I had a meeting with my manager to discuss my shifts. I mentioned Crohn’s/Neville and she was stunned. She couldn’t believe it. I was pleased I had shown that just because I have a stoma, it doesn’t affect what I can do.
However today I decided I needed to be selfish and think of me. So I plucked up the courage and rang my manager. My current 12.5 hr shifts including night shifts have got all too much and my physical and emotional well-being is starting to be affected. I was shaking which is silly but I don’t like asking for help when I feel they have an already busy workload.
My manager was lovely and I managed to sort a better system of shifts that I feel might help me cope better with an already high-pressured job.
The moral of the story is… be selfish at times. It is your life. We have to fight through so much to live a so-called ‘normal life’ so be kind to you and speak up. It is YOU who has to live your life – make it a good one.