What a difference a year can make!

What a difference 1 year can make!

It is Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week (1st-7th Dec). Obviously raising awareness for these chronic debilitating conditions is very dear to my heart as I have Crohn’s Disease. But it is even more poignant this year as last December I was in hospital in an indescribable amount of pain due to another bowel resection surgery. Not to mention the fact I couldn’t eat for 4 months previous to the surgery. I had to pause my degree course to have several months off to recover.
But I am blooming relieved and proud to say I have just completed my final placement and I have achieved my degree in paediatric nursing. After a long 3 and a bit years, I am now a qualified children’s nurse..!!!!
You may know somebody who has either of these conditions or you may suffer from one of them. Either way – they can be life-altering and a daily struggle but it is days like today when I can look back on my 11 years with Crohn’s and 4 years with a colostomy and proudly say that through all my many operations, pill-popping, excruciating pain and miserable days when I wanted to give up; I am stronger than Crohn’s.
Who knows where Crohn’s will take me in life – that is the unpredictable nature of the condition – but to all fellow sufferers – look at our track record; we are doing pretty darn well.

Crohn’s – 0 Me – 1