Stop and think.

How are you today? I hope this post finds you all as well as can be and enjoying the (unexpected) late sunny days this year.

I had a lovely break in France with my family – wore my bikini’s with pride! My nieces and nephews loved my decorated bags – they even decorated some themselves!
I am on my final placement before qualifying from University. The finish line is so close – typically the time seems to be dragging even more now that it is so near to the end! It has been tough lately – and I think I have been pushing myself too much and expecting perfection and not being kind to myself.
I had to stop and think.
To remember what I have been through on this roller-coaster of a journey that is Crohn’s disease and living with a colostomy bag. To be proud of what I have achieved despite battling with my health for numerous years. We should all be so proud of ourselves – look at what we are having to live with and yet we are keeping up with people who have perfect health. I have no idea what I am going to do career-wise once I graduate – not long ago I had it all mapped out but recently I have been questioning if I can realistically maintain my health and sanity if I went down that career-path. My goal at the moment is to just finish uni; get the degree that I have battled through despite a major Crohn’s flare and having a bowel resection and my village having major floods during my placements! These last 3 years have certainly been a test!
My message from this post to you all (if anyone reads this haha!), is to be kind to yourself. Realise what an amazing person you are and how strong you are for battling with poor health. I am a perfectionist and sometimes I have to stop and think. To give myself a break. You should too.

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