Hello to you all!

I hope this post finds you all as well as can be and enjoying the sunny weather! I spent a tad too long in the sun yesterday and have a very rosy face today!
So I have returned to university a couple of weeks ago after recovering from my last operation in December. My tummy healed well – I only have a few scars on my tummy but they are fading. It definitely took it out of me this last operation – my energy was rubbish for a few months. I was able to re-join my course for theory and even though I won’t be able to graduate with them all in September, I will be able to qualify once I have caught up with placement hours lost. So not long to go until I can earn some money and be done with writing essays!
Typical me – I challenged myself last year (before I knew I would need another operation) to face one of my biggest fears – heights. I had to postpone it but I re-booked my skydive for the 1st April this year (no April fool’s joke!). I did it for charity and raised much more than I anticipated! Originally I was going to do a 7000 ft jump but on the day I upgraded to 15,000 ft (the highest you can jump without needing oxygen!). It was truly terrifying but an incredible experience. I have enclosed a photo or two from the day. Neville behaved beautifully on that day – I wore a support band as the straps from the harness were tight but apart from that it was no problemo.
Crohn’s update – (touch wood) all seems well at the moment, I am still on Humira injections every 2 weeks but it’s doing the job. I see my consultant every 6 months – sooner if I need. I can’t believe it has been only 4 months since I had major surgery – not long at all if you think about what they did.

Anyway – I must dash and write/stress over my dissertation! I’ll write soon but do, as always, contact me for a chat or if you have any questions –