Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope it is a good year for us all.

Sooo… an update on my life. I am nearly 3 weeks post-op after going through with my small bowel resection. I had it done via keyhole – they were concerned at one point that it would need to be done through open surgery. I also had my appendix removed while they were there! I am doing ok – first couple of weeks I needed naps during the day and was very sore but this week it is improving and I am walking about to loosen it all up and the pain is gradually settling. I had 4 incision sites – one I would say is borderline open surgery – it is quite long across my tummy button. I had them sealed with glue which is a lot easier than dressing changes etc. I was allowed to eat from day 1 which is great – although I had no appetite until recently but after 4 months or 106 days of no food I am enjoying the taste and textures of food! I have begun irrigation again as I was too sore to try it straight after surgery. Also I re-started Humira injections a couple of days ago as I had to have a break from it before surgery as it can affect the healing process.

New Year’s resolutions – I have tried to choose ones that are achievable as I know if I go for the usual ‘give up sugar’ I won’t stick to it! So mine include – *Do more of what makes me happy – I haven’t had much fun in 2014 so I want to enjoy life more. I have re-booked my charity skydive for April!
*Be more proud and open about my stoma Neville – I felt so confident once I wore a bikini in the summer for the first time since having Nev and I will strive to do more of that – including being a ‘model’ for a stoma event coming up!

It is tough having a stoma – I am not going to lie or say ‘it is all great’. We all know it has it’s hard days/weeks/months but those tough moments make us all fighters and we must be proud of how far we have all come and all that we have achieved despite having to face battles on a daily basis. I love Nev and he has given me my life back but he can be a real little nuisance at times! But I wouldn’t change him 🙂

Hope you all have a great year full of adventures, health and happiness.

As always – do contact me if you would like to share experiences etc – babycakes1806@hotmail.co.uk is the email.