Big decisions…


I am one of the most indecisive people you will meet. Yet here I am faced with a big one. I’ll tell you how I have ended up in this situation…

After the last post I started to re-introduce food to my diet – a low residue diet and done so very gradually. I started on breakfast and for the rest of the day had Modulen. That increased to 2 meals a day with just 1 Modulen. 2 weeks in and I start getting pains… They just niggle a bit but I ignore and carry on. The pain settles after a day or two and I have a few days reprieve. Then last Wednesday evening, I feel oddly full after a relatively small light meal and I have a night of tummy aches. I force myself to lectures the next day and the pain gradually increases so I decide to leave uni and drive home early (I was due to go home later that day anyway). That evening at home the pain gets worse, I feel bloated and there are no noises coming from my tummy or Neville. I seriously believe I will be rushing to A+E yet again. However the next morning the pain has eased a bit – it still feels tender and bloated but it is more manageable. I speak to my consultant to get some advice and he says to stay on Modulen for the weekend and he will see me on the Monday. Over the weekend I still have a tender and slightly bloated tummy but everyday it decreases. By Monday it is fine again (typical timing just as I see my consultant!).
My consultant says options are the same as last time – more immuno-suppressants (which I have already tried) but they will leave me even more susceptible to infections plus it would appear my stricture is not inflammatory and mainly due to scarring therefore medication will not help. Another option could be Modulen and another attempt at re-introduction of foods but even more gradually this time. Or surgery. Consultant believes that section of my small intestine is not working properly and most likely will block again with the presence of food.
It is tough – as I did not end up in A + E this time, for some reason I feel it has not reached the surgical intervention stage. However, I must remember how uncomfortable even a partial blockage is and I don’t want to tempt a full blown blockage again. Consultant would prefer surgery to be an elective rather than emergency decision (as we all would). Therefore I am back on Modulen to give me time to talk to Uni about when the so-called ‘ideal’ time would be to miss 3 months (!) without having to retake the whole year.
I was due to do a charity skydive last weekend too – it was also the 3rd birthday of Neville. Ironic really – 3 years since I had major surgery to prevent further problems with my tummy and what am I doing? Oh yes – deciding if I should have more major surgery!
Anyway must go and do more uni work – until I decide what to do!

Hope you are all well