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Do you supply all products?
Yes, we are not a manufacturer and so have no particular affiliation with one product range. We supply any appliances that your GP prescribes for you, if you need to change then that is not a problem, we can provide you with samples of a selection of products should you need to try something else.

Is it difficult to change from my current supplier?
Not at all, call us and we will make sure that everyone who needs to know is informed of the change. Your prescription is yours to send to whom ever you choose to supply your goods. You can also get separate prescriptions for your drugs and your appliances, that way you can have your pharmacy dispense your drugs and let an expert company such as ours provide your appliances.

Will you customise my appliances?
Yes, we can cut the pouches to your personal template for you, it is very easy to set up just call us and we can talk you through it. We can also connect up flanges to pouches, night bags to extender tubes, add stoma bridges and other accessories, in fact anything that can be done, we probably do it!

Can you provide dry wipes and disposal bags?
Yes we can, in fact you are entitled to free wipes and bags from whichever supplier you choose, if you are not getting them, then please ask.

Who will deliver my products?
All our parcels are delivered either by our own staff or by Interlink the carrier company. They are always unmarked and we can add your personal instructions to suit you, such as leave in porch. We can also deliver to other addresses, say your work address or on holiday.

Will I get put through to a call centre?
No, never. The Freephone is answered by our staff, we have no machines here. Our small team of experts will know who you are and what you need. Out of hours we take turns in manning the phones ourselves, so that your call is managed in an appropriate timeframe.

Can you manage my prescription electronically?
Yes we can, we are all set up for electronic prescriptions, call us for further information

Do you have a question that is not answered here?
Then call us or alternatively email us at help@rapidcare.co.uk